Intelligent retail lighting that tells your story

A custom lighting concept was developed by ITAB for Peter Pane, a successful restaurant chain in Germany. The purpose – to bring the fairy-tale atmosphere alive, transporting guests into the story with concept lighting.

A fairy-tale lighting story

Peter Pane is owned by the company Paniceus Gastro Systemzentrale based in Lübeck, Germany. It is a very successful restaurant chain in Germany and they were awarded “the most popular burger chain” in 2019. The annual growth is estimated at 10 openings per year.

Like the fairy-tale, Peter Pane never wants to grow up, preferring to continuously learn and develop.

The previous lighting concept at the Peter Pane restaurants did not provide an inviting atmosphere. There were no exciting lighting accents and no special effects. The decorative luminaires were very uninteresting.

A sustainable lighting concept adjustable to day or season

The mission was to develop a new lighting concept that supported the interior and the story of Peter Pane.

ITAB Germany developed a custom lighting concept with the main purpose being to bring the fairy-tale atmosphere alive, transporting guests into the Peter Pan story.

How lighting created the desired consumer brand experience

By using “dim-to-warm” luminaires, a warm atmosphere was created throughout the restaurant. For a dynamic effect, lighting accents were directed to the floors and light glazing was used for the wood ceiling lamellas and wood trunks. The back walls were illuminated with indirect lighting to show the decorative wallpapers. All decorative luminaires were custom-made and became very eye-catching.

The bar, a special part of the restaurant, is flooded with RGB lights. All lighting sources are controllable by the LUTRON control system to set the mood and ambience. With LUTRON you can combine different types of dimming and address every single luminaire directly within the project. The control system provides a great range of possibilities for different scenes. For Peter Pane, four standard lighting scenes were created (day 1, day 2, night 1, night 2) and updated every season.

Every year the concept is updated in close cooperation with the client, incorporating the newest trends and technology.

Sustainable and intelligent lighting that reduces cost

The environmental impact was also an important factor. All lighting is LED and can be dimmed according to the needs of the location, also responding to different light conditions during the day and by season. This improves energy efficiency and leads to lower energy consumption.

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