Carrousel®, a Pharmacy shelf concept for efficiency and service

  • Maximum contact with consumers as product is close to the checkout. No walking the aisles looking for products when dispensing.
  • Less time spent by staff searching for products, giving more time to serve consumers.
  • First in, First out support for smooth control of stock (FIFO).
  • User-friendly as the transparent front edges make it easy to see all contents.

Carrousel® is a shelf concept for fast-moving products within hospitals and pharmacies. Place meds close to checkout to save time and increase service. 

The Carrousel® brings the product to the pharmacy technician just by spinning the shelf, where transparent front edges make it easy to see all the contents. The sloping shelves rotate separately and help ensure that older packs are not left behind as they automatically slide to the edge when one is removed. The compartments are filled from the rear and can be extended to make the process easier.