The business case for sustainability

Focus on sustainable development

At ITAB we have been focusing on sustainability issues for many years as a natural part of our operations and an important part of our overall offering. It is completely in line with our values.

ITAB's operations are conducted responsibly and the entire group is committed to sustainable development. Our companies work to reduce our environmental impact, to ensure good working conditions for our employees and to maintain good business ethics.


ITAB Sustainability Report 2018

GRI Index 2018

ITAB – a proactive partner

Developing new sustainable shop concepts, solutions and products and ensuring resource-efficient production and good working conditions within ITAB creates value both for us and for you as our customer – and sustainability is an important part of what we offer.

We will be a proactive partner and offer effective, sustainable solutions to you as our customer. This means that we have a good knowledge of how our products can contribute to more efficient processes in your business, thus contributing to a more sustainable value chain.

In order to further systematise our sustainability work, we have developed four focus areas for the next few years.

Our four focus areas

Our work is based on Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and KPIs, as well as measurable goals that are regularly monitored. Our four focus areas are: 

  • Sustainable business development 
    Through our unique concept and product portfolio, we can contribute to a more sustainable store through energy-saving and cost-saving products and systems, as well as by continuing to develop the smart solutions of the futureRead more!

  • Efficiency in the business chain
    We constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact by deliberately choosing better raw materials, production processes and transport solutionsBased on the principle of prudenceITAB has been working for years to ensure sustainable operationsRead more!

  • Business Ethics
    ITAB has zero tolerance for all forms of bribery and corruption. ITAB regularly conducts internal checks in all subsidiaries, which provides reasonable assurance of appropriate and effective operation, reliable financial reporting and compliance with laws and ordinances.  Read more!

  • Good working conditions
    ITAB endeavours to provide good working conditions at the companies in the Group, at suppliers and when working on customer sites. The Group respects human rights, which means that ITAB supports, monitors and respects international conventions on human rights in its operations. Read more!

  • Modern Slavery Policy
    ITAB recognises the responsibility that our group share with our suppliers to tackle the growing global issue of Modern Slavery. ITAB:s commitment to our customers is very clear, we promote a high level of ethical trading both within our business and supply chain; this includes championing better work and working lives. Read more!

Roy French, CED/CBO, ITAB UK

How often do you get involved in sustainability-related issues?

“On a daily basis. We work extensively with sustainability issues and how they can contribute to our business. In order to attract and retain our customers, it is vital for us to have a clear strategy when it comes to sustainability. 

How is sustainability a part of ITAB's offer?

Previously when we spoke about ITABs all-inclusive offer, we tended to focus on product lifecycles that extended from the cradle to the grave. Nowadays we talk about our offer from a cradle to cradle perspective. 

We now start our design processes with sustainability in mind. In the production facilities, we work to reduce waste and increase our efficiency. We then install our products and ensure that the sustainability perspective is also taken into consideration when the products are in use. Finally, we try to reuse our products if possible. If not, we recycle them where possible. 


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