Consumer flow & Queue management

Efficient use of consumer guidance systems optimises throughput and reduces queueing time and walkouts, while helping to boost sales and productivity.

From consumer flow analysis to reduced operational cost

Through detailed consumer flow analysis, we understand the pains and potential gains in the consumer journey through our customers’ stores. ITAB can then illustrate opportunities for improvement. From initial arrival in store, where the entry should be welcoming and recognisable, to the checkout area, where reducing queue time can lead to fewer walkouts, we offer insights to measurable benefits for our customers.


Consumer guidance developed with and for our customers

Our data-driven understanding of the consumer brand experience in a customer’s store is built on thorough analysis supported by qualitative and quantitative consumer studies. In addition, we collate consumer data showing demographics, age and regular patterns for example; basket size, transaction time, preferred payment choice and trading highs and lows.

Combining this knowledge with our experience developing consumer guidance systems across a broad range of sectors and markets, we work in close collaboration with the customer to develop and evaluate potential solutions. When the idea has been thoroughly explored, we move to the prototype stage, followed by selective and careful in-store testing before full roll-out.

Reducing backflow at the entrance for Hemköp in Sweden

ITAB worked closely with Hemköp to design new entrance gates to guide consumers into the store and reduce backflow. A new checkout zone and combined Sesame, offer provided an improved service level to consumers with fewer items for self-checkout, which in turn reduced the number of walk-outs.

This solution improved the consumer journey and overall throughput, which helped to increase conversion and sales.