Sustainable business development

ITAB’s commitment to sustainable business development is evident in its strategy to create in-store solutions that support customers by offering energy-efficient and cost-effective products.

ITAB focuses on incorporating increasingly sustainable materials into its solution and product portfolio, aiming to minimise the environmental impact. This approach reflects ITAB’s dedication to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the benefit of both customers and the environment.

Sustainability Services

ITAB has developed and deployed a number of Sustainability Services. These are designed to partner with the customers because the goods we provide for them do not only create our Scope 1 GHG emissions, but our activities and products are their Scope 3 GHG emissions. To support our customers in their long-term sustainable goals, ITAB is committed in the short term to develop a Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) assessment service, and in the long-term to build sustainability into the design by using this assessment to help our customers achieve their Carbon Zero goals.

ITAB can create a baseline of the current equipment to ensure that future equipment is delivering incremental improvements. By incorporating these insights from benchmarking, we can recommend design changes to improve the sustainability of the equipment.

ReSTORE program

Very little consideration is given to end of life for equipment, with new suppliers often tasked with disposing of old displays. These typically go to landfill. One example of the Sustainability Services that have been developed by ITAB, to avoid this landfill waste is the ‘ReStore’ program. ‘ReStore’ seeks to increase the opportunity to ‘re-pair, re-used or re-furnishment’ existing equipment.

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