Efficiency in the value chain

We will contribute to greater efficiency for the entire value chain through responsible choices of suppliers, raw materials, production processes and transport.

For many years, the Group’s companies have accepted environmental and social responsibility. This in order to strive to achieve business operations that are sustainable in the long term.

Sustainability demands on suppliers

Ensuring sustainability throughout the entire value chain is important for ITAB. Throughout 2023, the Group’s category managers, working with the local procurement functions, have ensured that close to 1,500 supplier have signed ITAB Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.


Energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption is something that each individual company within the Group is focusing on, with an emphasis on both costs and the environment. All the investments made are intended to generate efficiency and thereby reduce energy consumption and time in the production processes. ITAB’s target within energy is to have 100 percent electricity generated from renewable sources by 2025. In addition to this, ITAB has committed to a 50 percent reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions by 2030.

Water resource management

ITAB recognizes that protecting water resources is a common responsibility of the whole society. This places water conservation at an important position in the corporate development. The Group has established a baseline water consumption for 2023 of 40,609 m³ and we are now adopting a series of water use measures in production and daily life, regulating water use, rationally developing, utilizing, and recycling to protect water resources. Water conservation measures implemented include:

Strictly prevent all drips and leaks in production and daily life.
Strengthen the daily maintenance management of water-using equipment.
Promptly identify and resolve water waste issues.