NRF 2024

Key highlights & live streams from the Retail’s Big Show.

NRF, the 2024 edition of the Retail’s Big Show, attracted a huge retail audience from 132 countries, reflecting the industry’s vibrancy and a significant shift akin to the e-commerce boom in 2010. We have picked out the best insights and pivotal outcomes from the show below…

The forces behind change

Driving the imminent changes in the industry are advancements in technology, encompassing AI, Gen AI, data management, machine learning, and biotechnology. These elements, having evolved significantly in recent years, now converge to usher in a new era.

Five anticipated developments in retail 2024:

  1. People and staff engagement:
    Expect increased investments in associates to enhance their knowledge when consumers visit stores. Leveraging AI insights into individual consumer preferences, inventory, and stock, we anticipate associates being more attuned to customer needs.
  2. Ultra personalization and retail media:
    The synergy between retail media and Gen AI connected to loyalty programs and stores will burgeon in 2024. Anticipate targeted messaging, cross-selling, and personalized content for specific consumers to dominate the retail landscape.
  3. Beyond omnichannel:
    The traditional demarcation between online and offline retail will blur. Brands will be omnipresent, extending into product life cycle tags, communities, social selling, and seamless payments, fostering customer loyalty.
  4. Automated and AI-driven services:
    Streamline operations by deploying AI to handle repetitive tasks, such as securing stores, age verification, and pre-filling fitting rooms with selected clothing. Empower associates to focus on value-added tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.
  5. Improved customer experience and branding:
    With technologies like AI elevating service standards and expanding consumer choices, this is expected to become the norm. To stand out, brands must revisit their unique offerings and consider how to forge stronger connections with consumers. Ask these questions, and consumers in 2024 will become your loyal allies.

NRF live stream

For those eager to delve deeper, live streams feature industry representatives with diverse perspectives on retail, ranging from strategic executive insights to innovation, technology, and marketing.

Day 1 recap

Day 2 recap

NRF Webinar

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Webinar: “NRF key take aways”