Loss Prevention Podcast: Part 2/3 | Unpacking the $100 Billion Shrinkage Challenge

Demystify the challenge of retail loss.

As we learned in episode 1, the challenge of Loss is reshaping the retail industry. In this episode of the Retail Podcast, we discuss the complexity of retail’s future landscape, and why a careful balance between customer experience, efficiency, and cost is key. With a special focus on three challenges, we demystify the challenge of loss.

Retail’s transformation is in motion.

Topics covered in this episode

High on the list is guiding customers efficiently. After all, in today’s fast-paced world, directing clientele seamlessly can make or break sales. With technologies tailored for specific store areas, including entrances and exits, they aim to streamline the customer journey.

The protection of high-value items, like wines and spirits, is evolving. The value threshold for protected items is dropping. This shift demands speedier solutions. Smart techs promise faster tagging and detagging, ensuring not only asset safety but also heightened efficiency.

Lastly, the self-checkout domain emerges as a prominent challenge. ITAB’s innovations target fraud detection at these terminals, including non-scans and product switches, leveraging their eye platform. The aim? Mitigating risks without encumbering the customer.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Guiding Customers in Stores
  3. Protecting High-value Items
  4. Self-checkout & Fraud Prevention

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