Efficient investment for retail design in grocery is key. Factors like reduced staff cost and loss release capital for investments in consumer service, convenience, and brand experiences.

Do grocery consumers want to explore, or get faster service? 

Grocery consumers face more choices than ever before. Whether they want to explore and get inspiration for dinner, or get their shopping done faster, new channels are there with immediate support. Physical retail has powerful benefits but waiting time or lack of service are no longer options. To find savings and cut cost for competitive investments in great consumer experience to differentiate the physical store experience is key.

The good news? Small tweaks can make a huge impact on efficiency and experiences. Let us explain what some of our customers have done to invest just right.


Ever changing consumer shopping behaviours

To create unique grocery brand experiences, with high efficiency, collaboration is key. To understand the challenges and opportunity within our customers’, our Solution Design teams use a combination of creative workshops, consumer insight, data analysis and cross functional workstreams to co-create solutions that deliver a strong return on investment.

Our analysis, with your input, helps us identify unnecessary friction, spaces and layouts that can be optimised to increase sales, assess new automation that can help you reduce staff cost, or maybe digital solutions to increase your service and safety.

After this, we carefully define and suggest the solutions that drive the best outcomes for our customers, driving positive returns in sales, service and operational efficiency. We can design, manufacture, or install, or we can do all three. It is your choice.


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Best practice and proven ROI

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