StockFlow® – Leading pharmacy fitting for medicine management

  • Modular and flexible to facilitate change over time
  • Easy to integrate objects to improve the usability
  • Supports quick, secure picking
  • “FiFo” supports efficient stock handling

StockFlow® is one of the world’s leading fittings systems for medicines management. It helps maintain reliable procedures for picking, handling, and refilling. The medicines are stored so they are visible for quick, secure picking. Refilling is a logical process, ‘FiFo’ (First in, First out) reducing the risk of mistakes and enhancing the quality of operations. 

The modular StockFlow® system is very versatile and easy to install. By integrating objects such as combination trays, drawers, baskets, worktops or cupboards, you can increase flexibility and usefulness. As needs change, it is easy to add units to your existing StockFlow® system.