Tiltable and efficient recessed spotlight: Leo

  • Inviting, engaging ambiance for an enhanced consumer experience.
  • Highlight specific products or areas of a store.
  • Maximizes efficiency, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Provides comfortable lighting with minimal glare.
  • Utilises premium light sources for a blend of neutral white and warm colours.

Leo lighting elevates your space beyond simple illumination. Modern design meets light comfort, creating a calming atmosphere with strategically placed light that's gentle on the eyes. Plus, the Leo family prioritises energy efficiency with the latest technical components, reducing costs and your environmental impact. Upgrade from dated downlights - let Leo create your space in a modern, welcoming glow. It's a win-win on the bottom line.

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Technical specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)

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