Thrilling retail lighting concept for a creative Home Improvement store

A lighting solution as flexible and changeable as the store concept itself, aimed to enhance the inspiring environment in Horst’s store, full of creative do-it-yourself ideas for young people’s homes.

Lighting concept that helps redefine the theme

With the goal of becoming the leading DIY supplier, Horst has set its sights on a young, urban – and not always easy to attract – target group. To pique their interest, Horst strived for a new store concept beyond the ordinary. The result is certainly not traditional for the Home Improvement sector. It’s a store with a creative twist, clearly reflected in the shop and lighting concept.

Retail lighting highlighting a fresher, younger look

When Horst asked a team from Design For Human Nature for a store concept to redefine what a DIY store looks like for the entire industry, they turned to ITAB for help with the lighting solution.

The 800m2 store holds all the products needed for building, crafting, and tinkering. Areas for DYI workshops, craft classes and a constantly changing display are unique. Consumers should feel that they are experiencing a new store every time.

A vital part of the new concept was to create a retail lighting solution that would help to highlight the exciting interior and provide a completely different experience for consumers from week to week. Our lighting solution team was commissioned to create a well-composed lighting solution that would help ensure a redefined DIY theme.

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Flexible and adjustable track lights

To deliver the desired consumer brand experience, our retail lighting team created an in-store lighting concept that is perceived as pleasant and stimulating. It works as a natural part of this creative store environment, helping to guide customers to the different sections of the store. The lighting solution allows flexible rearrangement of the furniture grouped in hexagonal rooms and ensures that everything is always well lit from both sides. Customers benefit from the successful interplay of the shopfitting and the lighting.

As a result of their unique store and shop concept, Horst won the ‘Store of the Year 2019’ prize in the Home/Living category of the German Retail Association.



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