Scalable checkout solution for B&Q

The British DIY (do-it-yourself) and Home Improvement chain, B&Q, asked ITAB for a scalable checkout solution with minimal impact on the existing store infrastructure

Better checkout function with minimal disruption

B&Q asked us for an improved, scalable checkout solution with minimal impact on the existing store infrastructure. Our aim was to improve the consumer experience and drive greater product flow and improve throughput at the same time.


Consumer insight drives the solution

Drawing on our ITAB expertise, careful analysis of consumer transactions in the checkout area gave us the data we needed to fully understand the challenge. Examining fundamental ergonomics of the existing systems was also a vital part of the design process.


Learn more about consumer flow

Improved product flow and scanning accuracy for B&Q

The new checkouts provide improved customer service with higher scanning accuracy. Queuing time is reduced, so the consumer journey and throughput are both enhanced, providing measurable benefit to the new systems.

Careful planning for minimal impact on infrastructure

As a result of ITAB’s careful planning procedures, our installations caused minimal disruption to day-to-day operations in the B&Q stores. The scale of works was also simplified by using existing power and data points for the new checkouts.


Successful checkout delivery meets B&Q investment needs

Endorsing the quality of service and the products we delivered, ITAB’s solution has now been rolled out in all B&Q stores, with over 1,600 new checkouts installed in 3 months.

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