An incredible shop-in-shop concept on a slim budget

The interiors brand Riverdale wanted to expand their brand with a flagship shop concept. They needed a stylish space with lots of design thinking, which would exceed the customers’ expectations – at the lowest cost.

Wanted to exceeds customers' expectations

Every year the interiors brand Riverdale releases 3 new collections made by a design team that translates the latest fashion trends into new designs for furniture and home accessories. To increase awareness of the Riverdale brand, we were commissioned to design and implement a new flagship concept for their shop-in-shop stores. The brief to our Solution Design Team was simple: “We want an exclusive flagship experience, to differentiate us from our competitors”.

Design in every corner

To reflect their passion for style and their aim to make private homes fashionable, the store concept was carefully designed to match the brand. We created a flexible yet distinctive instore concept that can be used at different sales outlets and retailers.

From the outset, all solutions and materials were assessed to offer the greatest possible value. The new concept really lives and breathes Riverdale and helps strengthen the brand.

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Increased brand awareness and sales

The Riverdale shops that have been built so far stand out compared to other home department stores.

The look and feel in the store match the Riverdale brand perfectly. According to Riverdale, the concept has increased both brand awareness and sales per square meter.

Their retailers are very satisfied with the new shop-in-shop concept. It is flexible, fits into the available sales areas better, and is easy to modify and adapt for visual merchandising purposes.

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