Sustainable shop concept redesign with a unique style

In the sports retail sector, there are a lot of players with more or less the same concept and look. When Sport 2000 wanted to redesign their shop concept and stand out from the crowd, they partnered up with ITAB.

The goal was a fresh and brand-new feeling, where the focus would be on the employee and their knowledge. Furthermore, Sports 2000 wanted us to come up with a sustainable solution that made it possible to reuse parts of the old store interior and still make it feel spectacular. This would make it affordable for franchisees, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Re-use part of an old shop concept

To recycle parts of the old shop fittings into the new, both to create an environmentally sustainable solution and at the same time make it easy for franchisees to implement the new concept at low cost, was a fun challenge for us.

Our creative retail designers delivered a new shop concept in line with the old style in terms of look and feel, making it possible to combine it with existing interior elements, yet get the new and fresh feeling of the redesigned concept.

Aligned brand experience

Some franchisees have chosen to renew their stores with parts of the new store concept and have, for example, the new centre furniture. In other stores, the entire interior has been replaced. Whether a consumer visits a store that has only partially chosen the new concept, or a store that has completely changed to the new – the consumer’s brand experience is equally strong.

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