Online fashion brand goes physical – digital engagement a key

The ideal of Sweden connected their online success to physical spaces through smart digital engagement.

Online brand values in physical form

Ideal of Sweden is a mobile accessory brand, a success story achieved through strong brand values, supplemented by a strong omnichannel strategy. Social media has always been an important tool, influencing sales and collaborations. To add physical benefits to their business, they decided to extend their offer from online to physical stores. Here a strong visual experience of their online brand values was needed, to connect their Influence and omnichannel sales strategy in a fresh way.

Analysis of how to connect digital engagement to physical

To reach a seamless transition from online to offline, they reached out to Ombori, a member of the ITAB family. Their expertise in the digitalization of physical retail was about delivering an In-store strategy and associated solutions.

In-store brand experience connected to the identity

Digital signage is used to draw attention. Staff can easily add the latest commercials to increase the recognition of the brand. Smaller screens are connected to influencers’ accounts, showing the latest Ideal posts. The consumer can easily scan a QR code with their mobile to continue interaction with the influencers.

Smart mobile connection to omnichannel sales

To connect the in-store products to their omnichannel sales, tablets are placed in the store. The tablet visualizes the product you lift and gives you Information about it, supported by a scannable QR code. This enables the consumer to choose If they want to proceed with their purchase on their phone or in the store.