Harmonizing classicism with innovation

Nestled in the heart of southern Italy, the Mengoli Pharmacy, with its roots dating back to 1969, has been a stalwart in providing comprehensive health and wellness solutions.

Dr. Federico Mengoli, the visionary behind the pharmacy, envisioned a transformation that seamlessly blends classical architecture with cutting-edge innovations, resulting in an enhanced retail experience.

The pharmacy’s recent relocation marked a significant milestone, not just in terms of spatial expansion but also in elevating service standards through warehouse automation. Dr. Mengoli’s ambition was not only to broaden the retail footprint but also to optimize efficiency, lighting, and organizational aspects.

Marriage of classicism and innovation

The ITAB team of architects faced the challenge of preserving the pharmacy’s heritage while infusing it with a modern, innovative spirit. Their ingenious approach involved leaving installations visible, integrating shelves tailored to the architectural frameworks, and adopting a design that accentuates the star-shaped vaults. The result: a seamless fusion of classicism and modernity within a single space.

Crafting consumer brand experience

The spacious premises facilitated the creation of dedicated service areas with independent access, delineated by an eye-catching wooden slatted portal. Two distinct ‘rooms’ focusing on health and prevention, and beauty and body care, reinforce the pharmacy’s position as a pivotal health hub for the local community. A strategically placed glass window into the galenic lab emphasizes transparency and the creation of bespoke products.

Strategic product placement

Central to the pharmacy’s layout are two main product areas—dermocosmetics, where wooden wall cladding mirrors the floor finish for a warm and inviting atmosphere, and a consultation area exuding cleanliness and clarity in white. This thoughtful arrangement enhances the customer journey and reinforces the pharmacy’s commitment to quality.

Retail Interior Fixtures

Optimizing operational efficiency

The architects at ITAB meticulously considered the interplay between physical form and lighting. The proposal included archi-tech lighting, designed to accentuate the pharmacy’s unique architectural features. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to substantial energy savings. Dr. Mengoli’s endorsement of ITAB lighting products underscores the tangible benefits—significant reduction in energy consumption, a quick return on investment, and a smaller carbon footprint, approximately saving nine tons of carbon dioxide per year for a medium-sized store.

Retail Lighting

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