Strategic Retail Lighting sparks 30% in sales

Retail Lighting, the secrets, the layers and the ROI.

In this enlightening episode, hosted by the Retail Podcast, we delve into the transformative power of retail lighting with Stefan Ståhl VP of Lighting & Kristian Renström Head of Lighting, both experienced in creating innovative store environments.

Discover how strategic lighting not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts sales significantly.

What's covered in this episode?

Retail spaces hold a secret: the strategic use of light. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that retailers wield to shape brand experiences and influence consumer behaviour. But is it an artful enhancement or a manipulative ploy?

Consider accent lighting: it can spotlight products, creating an illusion of importance and manipulating our desire to purchase. Warm tones invite comfort, while cooler tones spur efficiency. It’s psychological, a nudge towards spending.

Energy efficiency becomes a moral question. Lighting, a significant energy consumer, has cost and environmental implications. Retailers are at a crossroads: continue traditional practices or adopt sustainable, cost-saving technologies?

Lighting as art is another facet. It draws attention, creates ambience, and can even turn a store visit into a sensory experience. Yet, it raises questions about authenticity. Are consumers experiencing a product’s true appeal, or is it a light-crafted facade?

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  1. Black box experience
  2. Layers
  3. Illuminating isles
  4. Sustainability & ROI
  5. Lighting as art

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