Staying ahead of changing consumer behaviour is vital in fashion retail. The value of consumer insight to successful design must not be underestimated.

Understanding changing consumer fashion trends

Consumers face more shopping choices than ever before, as new channels have emerged and grown. Now more informed and more demanding of the service experience in store and online, consumers constantly present new challenges for the fashion retail sector. Fast fashion online retailers and the convenience offered by an extensive product range and convenient returns systems are issues that every physical fashion store must address. Through regular analysis of the latest fashion trends and shopping patterns, ITAB work with our customers to match the in-store experience to the consumers’ expectations.

Analysing new consumer shopping behaviours

As fast as fashion changes, our customers’ requirements change with them. New consumer shopping patterns emerge in tandem with higher expectations.

Solution Design enables customers to translate the ever-changing needs of the consumer to influence their buying behaviour.

Through the collation of consumer insight and global retail intelligence, Solution Design enables us to learn and provide dynamic solutions for our customers.

Best practice and proven ROI

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