Loss prevention solutions

Supporting physical loss prevention solutions in-store with efficient management of the end-to-end consumer journey can help reduce the incidence of opportunist theft.  

Improved consumer experience and loss prevention

Insights drawn from a range of market sectors have enabled us to develop comprehensive loss prevention strategies with our customers. We have learned that connected shopfitting supports the consumer experience whilst reducing stock loss and improving operational efficiency, with proven return on investment. Our solution design approach focuses on outcomes that we believe will drive the greatest value to our customers.



Examining stock losses in our immersion process

Goods worth EUR 12 billion are stolen from stores throughout Europe every year. We have made it our business to protect your store. A well-functioning entry/exit system also helps reduce shoplifting and theft, while optimising customer flows, guiding consumers in the right direction and creating sales-promoting flows.

ITAB are on a constant journey of exploration and continue to develop our offering to meet future requirements. We apply new technology to enhance the customer experience and increase safety and security in store.

A thorough understanding of a customer’s loss problem is required before we can deliver a successful solution. As part of our immersion process at the start of a loss prevention programme, ITAB will look at current measures to establish the likely scale and nature of losses in the retail store and beyond. While the more obvious costs may be in the form of theft, our experience tells us that efficient stock control can also reduce losses caused by waste, and that accidental stock damage is often preventable through better merchandising, more efficient storage and safer store layouts.

Morrisons protecting self-checkout areas against shrinkage

Seeking better protection against shrinkage in their self-checkout areas, without introducing any friction to the journey for genuine consumers, Morrisons needed a solution that avoided additional steps in the existing process.

After careful analysis of all self-checkout transactions, ITAB delivered a smartgate system with optimised service levels and minimal to zero impact on required footprint.