Consumer Interaction systems - Digital experience in the physical space

Create a true seamless experience bridging the gap between online and physical environments to delight visitors and build relationships with your brand. 

Guide and engage with your consumer

Personalised product recommendations and guided selling are one of the most effective ways to make consumers happy. By introducing them to products that meet their individual needs, you provide a valuable service and build consumer loyalty, as well as increasing sales.  

Enhance the desired consumer experience

Give consumers something to smile about by offering entertaining, innovative ways to do things. A selfie mirror creates memories they can share with their friends. An interactive Customer Remote in your window lets them play. Voice-activated kiosks let them browse or shop just by talking to a screen. 

Increase conversion and sales

Guided selling tools increase sales by helping customers in two ways. For consumers who are trying to make a specific purchase, they help them find the right product by understanding their needs and providing them with appropriate information. For consumers who are just browsing, they suggest products they are not aware of and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Reduce operational cost

Using our Endless Aisle, you can show in-store consumers products and options that are out of stock. They can find the exact product they want and place an order, even if it is not currently available. This encourages them to buy from you instead of looking elsewhere, meaning inventory can be lower too. 

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