New store layout gives Betti pharmacy the right focus

Through a new store layout, focusing on attractive services and related merchandising, this Pharmacy translates more visitors into increased sales.

Turning consumers into sales

You can find this pharmacy on Prestena Street, a busy part of Rome. After an increased stream of visitors, they took a decision to invest in both adjacent space and a new format. They contacted ITAB, to help take advantage of the opportunity. The goals were to present a new and attractive offer, with greater visibility from the road and to optimise sales.

Defined and focused design

First, we helped to identify further opportunities within the space by walking the store. During our discussions, it was clear that ‘Dr. Betti’, a doctor offering medical services, was an important reason for the increased number of visitors. After analyzing all the other categories, such as sales numbers and trending areas, we started examining their importance. To deliver a smart, new look, our designers used both lighting, interiors and colours to create focus and guidance.

Light and color drags attention

Today you are met by an exciting layout where the impressive ceiling height of the room is exploited. Focus points supported by colour and light draw your attention and make it easy to navigate. The centre of attention is the multifunctional service booth, suitable for Dr. Betti’s various kinds of professional consultancy.

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