New service focused-store concept unites pharmacy brand

Euroapotheca developed a new service-focused store concept, ready for a wide rollout. A united brand and returning consumers were the results.

Wanted to unite the brand with renewal project

Euroapotheca serves consumers at several stores in many different countries. A while ago, the brand identified a big opportunity, to unite their brand as well as offer. This to strengthen their position in serve the ever-changing consumer needs across different cultures. A new statement, ‘Wellbeing’, was established as the guiding star and the large-scale renewal project began.

Walk the store defined strengths and weaknesses for the store concept

After they contacted ITAB for help, we kicked off the collaboration by walking the store. Strengths and weaknesses were identified, as well as the scope of the project. As the work proceeded, we supported as advisors on guidance, layout, Interior design, and lighting design. When the design reached the approval stage, all Interior manufacture and lighting was locally produced by ITAB Baltics, based on an efficient Installation plan for 100 stores.

Wellbeing in every detail with ever-changing discovery zones

Some of them are ever-changing ‘discovery zones’, enabling the business to keep up with consumer trends. These are supported by digital screens connecting the latest commercial campaigns and result in increased brand recognition and uplifted sales.

Both attractive and efficient services

New, additional service areas such as labs, parent rooms, kids’ corners and medical service areas attract and serve the consumers. These do not just strengthen the well-being identity, they also support an increased stream of visitors, who enjoy their stay for a longer time.

To increase the service level further, a smart medical storage solution was a part of the concept. This enables the staff to find the right product in a faster amount of time and serve the consumers more efficiently.

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