Upgraded product display a way to increase conversion

When co-creating a new shop concept with Ermitažas, the desire was not only to boost the product presentation and display, but also to find solutions for improved consumer flow and increased cross-selling.

Product presentation that attracts the consumer

A product presentation that’s attractive to the consumer is often crucial for increased conversions and improved sales. This applies to most retail, but for Home Improvement stores, the challenge is often greater. The Baltic chain Ermitažas is no exception, especially with an assortment of more than 70,000 different, often space-consuming items.

A store layout for a more convenient way of shopping

The first step for our Solution Design team was to develop and design a store layout that optimises consumer flow through the stores. The next step was to achieve an attractive product display and upgraded visual merchandising for a relevant in-store consumer experience, longer dwell time, and increased sales. Another goal was a more convenient way of shopping, to make it easier for the consumer to buy and see these often large, bulky products.

It soon became clear that customised solutions were required in the process. All solutions and materials were then carefully evaluated, shop fittings customised, developed, manufactured and finally installed.

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Attractive product promotion and flexible, secure margins

As Ermitažas open 1-2 new stores every year, our goal was a solution with sustainable interiors, ultimately made for attractive product promotion, that can be changed over time.

All stands for visual merchandising were made in a modular format. They can be used in many different ways and easily transformed by the staff, something that also contributes to reduced operational costs as well as improved consumer experience and enhanced overall sales.

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