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Welcome to Expert Telebuna, the leading store in the centre of Rome, boasting stunning vaults and captivating frescoes. The recently renovated and expanded sales outlet offers an innovative and enticing shopping experience, all set to attract new customers from the surrounding districts. Come and explore the true shopping destination in Rome!

Discover a Timeless Fusion: Where History Meets the Future

Expert Telebuna sought assistance in creating a significantly larger space, encompassing offices, storage, and enticing displays.

ITAB’s Solution Design team expertly curated a harmonious blend, preserving the historical and architectural essence of the location while catering to the shop’s commercial profile.

The choices created a seamlessly integrated space and light management, captivating displays, premium materials, and finishes, all optimised for functionality and efficiency, to accommodate a high footfall and diverse customer base.

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Expert Telebuna
Expert Telebuna

Enhanced Transparency, Visibility, Brightness, and Comfort

In the preliminary design phase of the project, the remarkable vaulted structures and exquisite frescoes of architectural value were unveiled during the clearing-out process. These findings became the stars and fully visible focal points of the design.

This approach perfectly complemented the shared focus on sustainability, both by the customer and ITAB. By reclaiming and rejuvenating decorative elements dating back to the 1960s, the design achieved both economic and aesthetic benefits.

The displays were thoughtfully crafted to maximise the exposure of high-tech products, making them irresistible to explore, thus enhancing the overall point-of-sale experience.

Additionally, the store proudly houses a KASANOVA shop-in-shop (an Italian brand specialising in home goods and lifestyle products), adding to the variety and appeal of the shopping destination. Embrace the seamless integration of history, sustainability, and cutting-edge design at Expert Telebuna’s captivating shop.

The strategically designed shop windows allow unobstructed views of the interior, flooding the space with natural light and creating an inviting ambiance that entices passers-by to step inside.

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Expert Telebuna
Expert Telebuna

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Carlo Bucarelli, Managing Director of Telebuna Since 1977.

Q: What encouraged you to relocate the shop?

A: Over the years, we operated from various premises near Piazza Vittorio, ranging from 25 to 200 square meters. Our longstanding dream was to establish a unique and spacious venue in the heart of Rome. Finally, in 2022, an opportunity arose when a former 900 sq. m. furniture factory became available. This allowed us to dedicate a single, harmonious space to offices, storage, and displays.

Q: How did the building’s renovation go?

A: The transformation of the former furniture factory was a revelation, uncovering hidden treasures such as vaulted ceilings adorned with breath taking frescoes, which we proudly showcased. During the design phase, we skilfully combined modern elements with antique charm, creating a functional yet visually stunning sales area for technologically advanced products. The result is a magnificent fusion of the past and present that captivates at first glance.

Q: You involved young artists from Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts in enhancing the location. How was the response?

A: Engaging recent graduates in an art contest to create installations on our shop’s striking walls was a great decision. It injected positive creative impulses into the city and further enriched the ambiance of our space.

Q: How has the sales point performed, and what were the results?

A: Despite challenging times for the industry, we have seen a positive response and recorded an increase in sales in the first half of 2023. Being the largest Expert shop in the centre of Rome, we have attracted both our loyal customers of over 40 years and newcomers alike.

Q: What aspects of working with ITAB did you appreciate the most?

A: Flexibility and adaptation were the pillars of our successful collaboration with ITAB. They provided an all-encompassing service that extended beyond just supplying furniture. Mr. Barbieri, an ITAB architect, demonstrated exceptional flexibility throughout the project, tinkering with the design to match the structure’s requirements, resulting in a harmonious blend of contemporary and late 19th-century aesthetics.

Q: In an age of increasing online purchases, how important is the design of a physical shop for boosting offline sales?

A: Offering consumers an experiential journey transcending mere product purchases is crucial in today’s market. A physical point of sale should pique curiosity, tell a story, and revive spaces with historical significance. Our new shop in the centre of Rome exemplifies this, and we aspire to replicate the success in 2024 with ITAB’s expertise as we renovate our premises in Villa Adriana, Tivoli.

Discover the extraordinary experience of Telebuna’s revitalised shop – where history, innovation, and customer delight intertwine!