Empowering energy transition

Dutch energy supplier Essent has launched a revolutionary shop-in-shop concept in partnership with leading electronics retailer MediaMarkt.

This innovative initiative offers customers a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of energy transition, calculate potential benefits, and even finalize contracts—all within the familiar setting of a retail environment.

Collaborative design and seamless execution

The vision behind this project was brought to life through a collaborative effort between Essent, Studio-EMM, First Impression, and ITAB’s solution design team. From conceptualisation to installation, every aspect, including floor plans, furniture, and digital interactions, was meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for visitors. By prefabricating the shop-in-shop in ITAB’s workshop and deploying it swiftly on-site, disruption to the retailer’s operations was minimised.

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Sustainable solutions for every home

Essent’s commitment to driving the energy transition is evident in its comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each consumer. From heat pumps to solar panels, the shop-in-shop serves as a platform for showcasing innovative technologies that empower individuals to make sustainable choices for their homes. By leveraging physical touchpoints, Essent aims to broaden its reach and forge deeper connections with both existing and prospective customers.

ITAB_Essent_NL_Digital engagement

Personalised customer journeys

Recognizing that energy needs vary from household to household, the shop-in-shop offers a personalized customer journey spanning five distinct sections. Visitors can explore different energy solutions in detail, guided by interactive experiences and expert advice. Whether they’re seeking information, requesting a quote, or ready to make a commitment, consumers can progress through the decision-making process at their own pace, supported every step of the way.

Strategic partnerships for maximum impact

The success of the shop-in-shop wouldn’t have been possible without strategic collaborations with industry-leading partners. First Impression brought its expertise in audiovisual technology to enhance the digital experience, while Studio-EMM contributed creative insights to ensure the design reflected Essent’s brand values seamlessly. This synergistic approach enabled ITAB to optimize the utilization of retail space and deliver a holistic brand experience.

Driving results across multiple locations

The rollout of the shop-in-shop across 47 locations marks a significant milestone in Essent’s journey towards energy transformation. At each site, consumers can immerse themselves in a world of sustainability, aided by 3D models, gamification, and interactive displays. The presence of knowledgeable staff further enhances the customer experience, fostering meaningful engagements.

Reflecting brand values in every detail

Essent’s brand identity shines through in every aspect of the shop-in-shop, from the choice of materials to the overall ambiance. By incorporating elements such as bamboo and special veneers, the design exudes a sense of transparency, sympathy, and inventiveness—core values that resonate with the brand’s ethos. The ability to take immediate action underscores Essent’s commitment to delivering tangible results for its customers.

Seamless integration of digital and human touchpoints

In today’s digital age, Essent recognizes the importance of balancing technology with human interaction. While digital services empower consumers to explore independently, the presence of service employees ensures that personalized assistance is always within reach. This harmonious blend of digital innovation and human touch fosters deeper connections and drives engagement at every touchpoint.

By pioneering this transformative retail experience, Essent is not only revolutionizing the way consumers interact with energy solutions but also paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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