Influencing consumer behaviour in electrical retail

By understanding consumer missions and needs in electrical retail, ITAB innovation influences behaviour, generating memorable experiences in the consumer electronic retail sector.

The need to understand changing consumer expectation

Speaking to a colleague face to face in-store offers a huge advantage over online shopping. However, with the growth of online sales of electrical goods and the ensuing competitive pressure on price, electrical retailers need to improve their in-store experience to differentiate themselves and engage consumers. This will build brand loyalty and trust, while giving reasons to return.

Key focus points are an improved consumer experience, live demo offer, and value-add through greater service, aftercare, etc. Up-to-date analysis of consumer attitudes is vital to creating an inspirational and convenient retail environment.

How ITAB examine and understand the consumer challenge

There are constant changes in our customers’ requirements, driven by the challenges of new consumer expectations. At ITAB, we continually update analysis of consumer behaviours and shopping patterns by directly talking to them.

Through Solution Design, we regularly interview consumers and collate ‘before and after’ data analysis to test the concept landed against a robust brief, to learn and provide better solutions going forward. This enables us to improve our offering and range of services, supported through ecosystem of partners, benefiting our customers and the end consumer.