Retail design made beauty space become a new experience

This large, Finnish retailer used a new retail design to realise a modern consumer driven experience for their beauty department.

Needed a fresh consumer driven approach

Stockmann in Finland had for some time felt that the look and retail design of their beauty department didn’t meet the changing needs of their consumers. The store experience was old-fashioned and less Inspiring than competitors with a layout that did not make optimal use of space.

Flexible retail design

We worked together with Stockmann’s design team to develop a new look and feel that suited the brand. Our creative designer then produced 2D and 3D visuals, to find a consumer-friendly design, optimized for the area.

Early on in the project, we decided that the targeted consumer experience could be addressed if all fixtures were designed to be flexible, making changes more cost-efficient. Then different materials were discussed to find exactly the right feeling, combined with global cosmetics brands own display fixtures. To visualize the design, technical drawings were made, which also worked as blueprints for the manufacturing and installation process.

Pleasant mix of materials and displays

The results are a pleasant mix of modern and unique fixtures and fittings, bespoke, as well as standard, combined with global cosmetics brands, own displays. The contrast of distinctive materials and displays creates an inspiring area which consumers can easily navigate.

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