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Asda Walmart’s new checkout design delivers a high level of personal service with far greater efficiency


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United Kingdom

The challenge

Asda is the third largest supermarket chain in the UK. It was acquired by Walmart in 1991 and now has around 625 stores. Sales in 2015 were approximately GBP 22 billion.

Asda has always been known for its high level of personal service. When they needed to enhance the efficiency of the checkouts, they were looking for a solution focusing on the customer experience. It also had to include modern technical features that enhanced efficiency. They wanted to develop the ‘checkout of the future’ with the aim of improving the customer experience. They also wanted to lower their stores’ operating expenses.

When we were commissioned to implement the project, the challenge was not only to find a solution that combined the experience of manned checkouts with a higher degree of efficiency and self-service. It also had to be capable of dealing with the challenges of a major rollout across a large number of stores of different sizes and with different conditions.

The solution

The unique design and technology of the checkout developed for Asda were developed in close collaboration between Asda, ITAB and our technology partners.

Asda’s ‘checkout of the future’ feels like a manned checkout, and is also a self-service solution, with the customer experiencing a more relaxed packing and payment process. 

The customers are served by a cashier who scans the products at the start of the belt, but they pack the products themselves and pay via a self-service terminal at their own pace.

The result

The efficient checkout solution improves customer flow and, with self-service payment, it reduces operating expenses and customers still feel that they are getting personal service. With three packing areas per checkout, the queues are dispersed quickly.

The solution relieves the stress customers often experienced in traditional British checkouts with just one packing area. The technology is easy to use and intuitive for consumers. It also gives them the opportunity to choose the self-service option whether they have a small basket or a full trolley.

Project group

Asda’s Front End team and ITAB Shop Products UK Ltd


ITAB Shop Products UK Ltd, Paul Dennis, Retail Efficiency Director


Customised checkouts with 3 packing areas per checkout. Queue Management and In-Queue Merchandising (IQM) system with integrated digital signage and LED lighting.


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