Design enhancement for Morres Wonen design department

They got a great new designer furniture department


Morres Wonen, The Netherlands




Shop Concept, lighting


The Netherlands

The challenge

Morres Wonen is a family business and has been supplying furniture to Dutch homes for 100 years. It is considered to be the best home furnishing store in the Netherlands. Their store in Hulst is unique in Europe and an inspiration for all parts of the home.

Our mission was to create a great new designer furniture department for the already successful store in Hulst.

The solution

The design team created an interior design solution that blended in with the store, offering a luxurious, inspiring atmosphere with powerful design features. The aim was to highlight the products and make them stand out even more.

The lighting was an important feature of our concept development and complemented the interior design. It is an important interior design element that enhances the look and atmosphere of the store. The lighting helped us present the furniture perfectly and optimise customers’ sensory experience in the store. 

The result

Morres Wonen were very satisfied with the result and the sales growth for the part of the store that we designed and lit, and they have commissioned further work from us to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

Project team

ITAB Shop Concept BV, ITAB Prolight NL


ITAB Shop Concept BV, Erik Heeg, Managing Director
ITAB Prolight NL, Pim Kemps, Sales Manager Lighting


Customised, bespoke fixtures and lighting. 

Lighting from Nordic Light; Nordic Light Zylinder R COB 3000 927, Nordic Light Slim IR COB 3000 927, Nordic Light Slim II R COB 3000 927.


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