Rollout of a new store concept for Etos

A more luxurious look and a new feel for an established Dutch retailer






Shop concept


The Netherlands

The challenge

Etos, part of the Ahold Group, is a well-known health and beauty chain in the Netherlands. They will soon be celebrating their 100th anniversary and decided to give their stores a facelift on this occasion.

Their wishlist include a new, more luxurious look, and it was essential for the in-store installation time to be short. The ambition is for all stores ( in the chain to be adapted to the new concept in time for the 100th anniversary in 2019.

Efficiency was a central factor in the project. The concept was designed by Etos and adapted by us to improve efficiency and to achieve the ambitious rollout targets. With very strict planning and good project management, we managed to convert a store in just one day. Our installation team was on site in the morning, and handed the keys to the store manager again on the same day. All Etos needed to do was fill up the luxurious new store shelves and turn the sign to open.

The solution

The fact that we are able to convert an entire store in one day is down to more than just an innovative, efficient interior design solution. It is also down to meticulous preparation and accurate measurement of each store.

We have efficient planning and logistics. All the right products, tools and spare parts are on site in the right store in time for installation to start. We make sure that everyone involved is well informed about the planning. They know exactly when to start, and when to finish their work. Just in time.

The result

Etos were able to reopen their stores rapidly. The customer is very satisfied with our well-planned working methods. We will continue to develop the concept with Etos to make it easily adaptable to other Etos stores.

The first 25 stores were converted between September and November 2016. 

Project group

ITAB Shop Concept BV


ITAB Shop Concept BV, Edgar Eerden, Account Manager


A fully customised interior design solution developed for the store format.


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