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The “Expert Touch” megastore. Innovative solutions for a sales outlet which dialogues with e-commerce


Expert Somma C.C.Le Cotoniere




Shop concept, shelving, specialist furniture



The challenge

To make the traditional sales systems and advertising products and novelties on the market complementary with those of e-commerce, in order to optimise both systems and to increase sales, beyond the offer to the customer.

A new layout concept and new furnishing solutions for the shop were developed by means of dedicated solutions and new display tables making the customer ever more comfortable and in contact with the displayed products.

We aimed at using the latest and innovative digital systems in the augmented reality to make many of the displayed items interactive to make their use ever more immediate, aside from illustrating their technical features and comparing them with similar products.

The solution

 The internal communication system was also greatly enhanced by implementing static communication concepts with innovative dynamic systems which accompany the customer going through the shop, proposing offers and illustrating services supplied by the Somma group.

Another strength of the new concept "Expert touch" was the investment of a team of highly qualified in-house operators at the service of the customer, so that service becomes the real strength of the Somma group respect to e-commerce.

“ The new Expert Touch format is a design we believed in from day one ... “

The result

"The new Expert Touch format is a design we believed in from day one. We tried to imagine a much more emotional and attractive sales outlet respect to the previous ones, which made our customers feel at ease by using a current and charming design, as well as using the latest digital technologies, in order to stimulate direct contact with the products and with our group, through innovative information and communication systems."

Enrico Somma, Owner of Expert-Gruppo Somma 

Just a few days after opening, a greater walkability was encountered inside the shop respect to the previous ones made, as well as an increase in sales of all ranges of products; there was an increase in the average value of the receipt and an increase in sales of medium-high range products.

Our customers were satisfied both by the aesthetic-functional aspect of the shop and the better economic performance achieved. Consumers were struck by the highly contemporary impact and design of the shop, as well as the tasting level of the displayed products and the assistance service received by our staff.

Project group

ITAB La Fortezza Competences S.R.L – Maurizio Inglese, Simone Barbieri (design), Emanuele Cataliotti, Marco Zamagna, Simone Rossi, Lorenzo Malevolti and Luca Lascialfari.


ITAB La Fortezza Competences S.R.L, Maurizio Inglese, Sales representative
ITAB La Fortezza Competence S.R.L, Simone Barbieri, Project Manager 


Shelving, specialist furniture for a new tv area, new recessed household appliance area, new service desk, customer assistance, demo, new houseware area, new supports for interactive systems.


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