O'Key; From discount to premium in five months

An upgraded shop in a luxury shopping centre






Shop concept, shelvings, lighting, checkout arena, entrances and exits



The challenge

O’Key is one of the biggest retail chains in Russia with around 160 stores, mainly modern hypermarkets but also express supermarkets and discount stores. O’Key was operating a discount store in the luxury Galeria shopping centre in St Petersburg. The centre’s owners felt that the store was out of place and they issued an ultimatum: upgrade the store or leave the premises!

Elena Belova at ITAB Shop Concept was contacted. She was told something a client had never told her before: “We have 10,000 customers in the store every day but we want to reduce that number by half. There are long queues. Most of them buy a few cheap products, a Coke and a packet of cigarettes. We need a different type of customer in the store.”

The challenge was to reduce the number of customers, make each customer buy more products and more expensive products and create a premium store.

The solution

The new concept involved a complete facelift for the entire 1,700 m2 store. New departments were added for fresh fish and wines and spirits. The store was repainted, the fixtures were replaced and all the lighting was exchanged to create lighting appropriate to a premium store.

The entrances and exits needed to be larger. They were given a much-needed upgrade and made to look welcoming. To give customers the opportunity to choose between a traditional till or self-service, the checkout area was fitted with new self-service checkouts.

“ We thought that if we reduced the number of staffed tills, we would alienate the customers. But the opposite turned out to be true. “

The result

The store underwent a complete transformation from a discount store with hard lighting and products displayed on pallets to an appealing store in which each product is highlighted by the gentle new lighting. During the design process, ITAB Shop Concept in Russia, the UK and Finland worked together to create the right modern, Western European feel. Just five months after the first design drawings were presented, O’Key opened their new store in Galeria. 

Project group 

ITAB Shop Concept Russia,  ITAB Shop Concept UK, ITAB Shop Concept Finland 


ITAB Shop Concept Russia, Elena Belova, Managing Director


A customised store concept, including a new entrance, shelves and displays, lighting, a new checkout area with traditional tills and self-scan tills and a new exit.


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