Professional store lighting


Innovative lighting

Our work often involves lighting calculations and designing entire lighting concepts, but we can also help you with individual lighting products, including choosing the right fitting for the right environment. Our range offers you professional lighting for the entire store: downlights, tracklights, track systems, linear lighting, pendants and LED lights.

A wide range of innovative, low-energy lighting

We focus on innovative, low-energy systems (LED lighting) and are one of few international manufacturers that develop and make our own electronic units along with optical solutions. Our lighting products are internationally approved, so you need not think about local requirements, specifications and performance problems.

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Meet the world’s first truly wireless system for all in-store experience needs. An excellent solution, combining professional lighting, sound and images in one system. Piri helps you create experience zones, both physical zones and time zones, to give customers the right impressions and messages.

Simple wireless perfection

All units are wireless, so you can chance the experience in a flash. No cables. No time-consuming settings. You control everything easily with a remote control. Piri transforms your store into a delight for all the senses, and is cost-efficient.

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Product Sheet

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Track light & Track systems

Lighting tracks are an effective, versatile and elegant way of providing enough light. Place the desired number of spots on the track, adjust them to create ambient lighting and direct them to highlight whatever you want.

The luminaires can easily be moved along the track to optimise the lighting. 


Downlights & Recessed lights

We offer a wide range of recessed fittings that blend in with the ceiling and provide good general lighting without glare.

We also offer adjustable recessed spotlights.


Linear light

The linear fitting is one of the commonest lighting systems on the market. Powerful light and simple installation make it a cost-efficient solution.

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Led Panels

High-quality LED panels often replace traditional fluorescent tube lighting and are a considerably more energy-efficient alternative.



Our range includes high-quality emergency lighting to illuminate escape routes that save lives.



Indirect lighting fittings spread the light towards the walls and ceiling to create pleasant effect lighting and decorative lighting.

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Surface-mounted & Pendant lighting

Our range includes a wide selection of traditional wall and ceiling fittings plus pendant lighting that generates atmosphere and gives a room a special feel.

They are a pleasant complement to the general and targeted spotlights.


Strips & Coils

You can use light strips and LED coils to create striking additional lighting in certain environments. 


Exterior lighting

We also have lighting and fittings to highlight and illuminate the area outside your store.



Fittings adapted to meet the strict requirements in explosive environments at filling stations.


Sign a lighting service agreement

Our trained lighting engineers can help you with the replacement of all your light sources, lighting direction and cleaning of fittings as required.

We can also offer a lighting service agreement. We are then responsible for ongoing maintenance of your lighting system. You don’t even have to think about it any more. After a service visit, we leave the store spotless. The only difference you notice is the bright, sales-promoting lighting.

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Nordic Light

Nordic Light develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, energy-efficient lighting with the focus on the specialist and convenience goods trades. We are one of the few manufacturers worldwide to both develop and manufacture our own fittings.

Our head office, with sales, development and design departments, is in Sweden. Two production facilities in China guarantee cost-efficient production of fittings and components. With industry-specific lighting solutions, we have created fittings for retail chains worldwide for more than 30 years.

Nordic Light is part of the ITAB Group. For more information on the products and us, visit