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Sustainability Services

We are dedicated to helping retailers benchmark the carbon impact of the in-store design and achieve measurable reductions in carbon footprint.

Through workshops, we gain insights into their priorities and tailor services accordingly to co-design an improvement roadmap. Priorities include material selection, design standards and principles, energy consumption, the supply chain, end of life , benchmarking to then set carbon reduction targets, and analysing results to ensure a program of continuous improvement. Together, we create a greener future!

What are ITAB’s Sustainability Services?

Measuring the carbon footprint of the in-store environment and co-designing positive improvements to support your journey to achieve carbon reduction objectives.

Designing energy and carbon efficient in-store equipment
Carbon efficiency reporting all ITAB manufactured equipment.
Carbon Assessment of 3rd Party Equipment
Development of Recycle / Repurpose / Reuse programs.

  Carbon Efficiency Certification

Our unique assessment method measures the total carbon footprint, from cradle to grave and measures this against it’s size and life. The estimate uses unique industry data from Design Conformity, an independent carbon certification company that works with over one hundred global retail brands and manufacturers.

To establish a ‘benchmark’ for improvement our team can estimate the carbon footprint of the in-store environment, so that manufacturers can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint of their in-store environment.

  Design engagement

We design products for reuse, minimising the need for replacements and ensuring that maintenance extend the product life. Additionally, we reduce weight and integrate materials with high recycled content or from renewable sources for easy end-of-life recycling. To minimise our environmental footprints, we reduce transportations and ensure products are sourced and distributed with the least impact possible. Our products and packaging are designed to be easily disassembled for either reuse or recycling at the end of their life cycle.

  The ReSTORE program

ReSTORE was created in line with todays challenging market where sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do as a market leader in manufacturing. This service will enable you to extend the lifespan of the shelving that you have already paid for, returning them to a warranted ‘as new’ condition, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

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