Home improvement and DIY retail stores do not just need unique consumer brand experiences. At ITAB we focus on solutions that also deliver true ROI.

What do DIY and Home Improvement consumers wish for?

DIY and Home Improvement consumers can get their inspiration from social media, online streaming services, peer reviews and more. To be there in your consumer’s mind at the exact right time during the sales process is increasingly hard. Still, physical retail has a unique power. It adds convenient delivery choices, engaging experiences and inspiring merchandising. We have suggestions on how to free capital for these investments. Let us explain.

DIY and Home Improvements analysis to find USP’s

To find new and efficient ways of translating consumer needs to increase sales, we use proven methodologies developed by collaboration with our customers. To understand the challenges and opportunity within our customers’, our Solution Design teams use a combination of creative workshops, consumer insight, data analysis and cross functional workstreams to co-create solutions that deliver a strong return on investment.

The results of the analysis suggest focus areas, showing how layouts and modules can be optimised to increase sales or reduce friction, as well as ways of optimising staffing and increasing service. Next, a careful evaluation process helps us define and suggest the most ROI-driven design and solutions. To support the complete process, we can help you design, produce, and install, based on your needs.

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