Hybrid & Semi-Automated Checkout Solutions – a wider choice of service possibilities

How to make the purchase process continuous, even when the store employee cannot serve consumers at the checkout? ITAB offers hybrid and semi-automated checkout solutions for situations like this. Our hybrid solutions can easily be transformed from a manned checkout into a self-checkout. Our semi-automated checkouts do not require constant cashier service. 

Checkout Solutions with additional functionality

When there is lack of time, consumers prefer going to stores where they can shop quickly. With ITAB's proven hybrid and semi-automated checkouts solutions, each store can speed up the checkout process for consumers. 

While attendants serve consumers in a belted checkout area, the complete checkout zone can be used as a self-checkout area. ITAB's express checkouts or manned belted checkouts can be easily transformed to self checkouts (SCO:s) by rotating the scanner module to the consumer’s side.  

ITAB’s proven semi-automated checkout solution consists of two checkout lanes manned by a single cashier for efficiency and increased service for the consumer. One single cashier can provide two consumers manned service thanks to automated efficiency. 

Improved consumer experience

ITAB:s self checkouts combined with manned belted checkouts and hybrid solutions will create the flexibility needed in the modern grocery store to offer consumers a time well saved and time well spent experience 

Together with our customers, we continue to develop new models of hybrid checkouts that are more efficient in use and have even more different options. 

By studying the consumer experience, we make various checkout solution adaptations that improve efficiency and service and meet consumer needs and expectations. 

Efficiency and service

With ITAB’s hybrid solutions, the store's staff can turn the self-service solution into a manned checkout by quickly switching the modules. It provides a quick and efficient service to drive sales. 

ITAB’s semi-automated solution closes the gap between manned checkout and self-checkout. The presents of a cashier lead to higher customer acceptance. The ergonomics situation is greatly improved for the cashier. The automation leads to almost doubled staff capacity. 

Up to 50% reduced staff cost

In the semi-automated solution, a single cashier operates two lanes. The automation reduces staff cost by 50% 

Some of our checkout models are developed for being easily switched to self checkouts (SCOs) so that only one attendant could efficiently serve the consumers in a complete checkout zone and use one of them as a manned checkout if needed.  

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