A grocery experience enhanced by history and culture

SAPORI & DINTORNI´s new store concept in Bologna, Italy, attracts both citizens and tourists. Ingredients such as local food, wine excellence and retail design enhance the cultural experience.

To benefit from tourists as well as “food-loving -citizens”, the grocery chain CONAD decided to open an extraordinary grocery store. A beautiful, fifteenth century building set the scene for the project. The reconstruction was all about transforming the space into a food, history, and cultural experience.

Carefully designed spaces inspired by the food vision

To deliver a delicious food experience, areas filled with quality local goods were incorporated into the concept. Tasting, catering and exploring areas enhance the experience further. All displays, furniture and specialist equipment such as checkouts and exit systems were carefully designed and planned to respect and match the architecture.

A brand experience for consumers to enjoy

The end result? A food experience reflecting the local area’s cultural heritage as well as the historical building. Consumers enjoy their stay and are able to explore, taste and feel the local goods. The store owner benefits from satisfied consumers who now have a tendency to stay longer than in an ordinary supermarket.


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