Digital engagement

Skilful deployment of digital engagement, such as digitising in-store communication and messaging, can improve efficiency, sales and service levels. 

Digital technology as a powerful marketing tool

A well-implemented digital strategy is proven to positively impact sales, through cross-selling, up-selling and the promotion of related products and offers. Brand experience can also be improved through digital wayfinders, digital menu boards, alignment of online and in-store environments, as well as reducing waiting time via digital queuing systems. With the right technology, retailers are provided a useful means of consumer data capture, to enable more personalised realtime experience delivering a more relevant, connected view to the consumer.


Digital platforms increasing sales and conversions

Our research tells us that consumers make over 80% of their purchasing decisions while in store, with more than 60% of consumers making an impulse purchase; in-store promotions are generating around 16% of unplanned purchases.

At ITAB, we co-create new shopping experiences by working closely with the customer to improve the end-to-end consumer shopping journey. We start by examining customers’ day-to-day tasks and all the pains and gains experienced by the consumer as they move through the store.

This process provides the team with the relevant data to illustrate the improved efficiency and greater overall levels of service that can be gained through digitising in-store communication, messaging and operation.

Digital screens in a seamless store environment for Tele2

Designing digital screens as part of Tele2’s seamless store environment ensured that rich, branded content could be brought to the consumer at the right part of their shopping journey. It could also be efficiently updated as and when required. This created a number of operational benefits and efficiencies for Tele2; they aid promotion, alongside range display, and boost conversion of brand-targeted product sales.