Queue Management Solutions – Reduce waiting times

Create great consumer experience by always providing current and relevant information to the consumer. ITAB’s queue management solutions allow consumers to freely browse the store without waiting in line for their turn, resulting in a better consumer experience.

Tailored queue management solutions for better consumer experience

Consumers expect convenience and to make their time well spent. Waiting in line can be very frustrating and this time could be used for shopping instead. Consumers also expect to be served in the right order and by skilled staff members. Our queue management solution provides the best possible experience for the consumer; a visit can be pre-booked at home; mobile tickets allows consumers to browse freely or wait at any desired location and printed numbers provide a well-proven process. Fully integrated with mobile features as well as digital signage ensure up-to-date and relevant information for the consumer at all times.

Improved consumer experience

Together with a European fashion retailer, we co-created a solution to enable consumers to not only take a virtual ticket for their desired service but also to request service in the fitting rooms. Concept allows a consumer in the fitting room to call for a staff member if support is required, for example to request a different size or advice. Consumers are able to choose their required service category at a kiosk or on their mobile phone to ensure the most appropriate staff will be providing the service they need Realtime updates on digital signage and mobile devices ensure consumers are updated on their place in the queue, ensuring a great consumer experience.

Increase conversion and sales

Allowing consumers to browse the store freely during their waiting time increases upsell. Providing relevant competence can affect the sales positively.

Reduce operational cost

Analysing historical data is an important dataset for staff planning. Knowing what service is required and when is key when doing staff planning. This data is provided from our Queue management system. Correct staffing levels are critical.