New front-end & checkout proposition

Asda, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, needed to improve its consumer experience and enhance operational efficiency in its front-end and checkout arena.

Providing greater consumer choice and improving operations

ITAB worked closely with Asda to develop a new front-end and checkout proposition, looking to offer greater choice, speed of service and convenience for consumers. By evolving the front-end arena setup to incorporate manned and self-serve payment routes, Asda were able to improve throughput, ease colleague operations and increase sales conversion.

Improved layout & flow through solution design

By gathering data & insight ITAB developed a greater understanding of Asda’s consumer needs, identified specific challenges, and defined the key areas of leverage along the end-to-end shopping mission. Examining the shopping experience through the eyes of the consumer allowed Asda and ITAB to co-create a new layout for front-end and checkouts.

Self-serve: Greater choice & convenience

ITAB was able to support Asda in their vision to redesign the checkout arena, offering consumers greater choice and convenience at the point of payment. By recognising the growth of time poor consumers with smaller baskets, who wanted to self-serve, the checkout arena was redesigned to reflect these requirements. This led to greater throughput, higher conversion of sales and a reduction in operational cost.

Category Refresh: Beer, wine & spirit

As part of the ongoing partnership between Asda and ITAB, the beer, wine and spirit categories were refreshed to provide a more engaging environment, and to reflect more premium product lines. New furniture, signage and high-level treatment heightens the consumer experience, while easing shopping missions and encouraging longer dwell times.

Improved signage & dynamic digital content

Utilising ITAB knowhow and our technology focused eco-system partners, a dynamic digital solution has been trialled on the front-end kiosk. Rolling content provides greatly improved in-store navigation, added visibility, and reduces consumer confusion after they have entered stores.

Customer service desks

ITAB supported Asda in re-imagining their existing customer service area and front-end kiosks. The end result was a considered kiosk design that engages consumers, eases colleagues’ daily tasks, and that has been engineered for scale.