Retail furniture that increases sales in a tasteful way

When K-Supermarket’s new bread, fruit and vegetable retail furniture concept was installed, it created the right atmosphere in the convenience stores, and sales efficiency increased.

Premium feel in many shapes

A shop concept to fit many store sizes was what K-Supermarket Föri asked ITAB for when they wanted to build a premium store. They also wished to give the consumers an exclusive feel in the store to help solve the problem with beverage, bread, fruit and vegetable sales that K-group faced.

Retail furniture in different sizes and formats

When our Solution Design Team started their co-operation with K-Supermarket Föri, the first step was to evaluate the store layout and look into why they had a problem with sales in the relevant product categories. The next step was to gauge premium materials to create the requested exclusive feel.

We wanted to create a shop interior and shop fittings easy for the staff to use and work with, yet creating airiness. We decided to base the shop fittings on an oval steel shelf and to combine different floor materials like tile and wood. Other elements were added to suit and highlight different parts of the store.

A new bread, fruit and vegetable furniture concept was added to the convenience store to increase sales and create the right atmosphere. This new concept was initially tested in small stores, but is now also adapted to super- and hypermarket format.

Citymarket, Kesko’s hypermarket stores, brought the idea to the beverage concept with three different moods. The new beverage concept was first tested in the Citymarket stores but has been adapted and now delivered to other store sizes, with just small adjustments.

Problematic product categories have become profitable

After the new shop concept was installed, we can state that the retailer is satisfied, and sales have grown dramatically. The shop concept has also significantly enhanced the brand experience.

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