Eye-catching flagship stores as part of a brand transformation

A former monopolist, now a player in a competitive market – meet Proximus, a Belgian telecom company.

Over the years they became part of a competitive market and had to rethink how they could rebrand themselves and turned to us for help.

Two new flagship stores

As one of Belgium’s biggest employers and a telecom company, their ambition is to connect everyone and everything, so people can live better and work smarter.

We had successfully delivered retail design solutions for about a hundred Proximus stores in Belgium previously with a ‘Shop of the Future concept. When Proximus wanted to finish the rollout with realization of two eye-catching flagship stores in prime locations in Brussels and Antwerp, it was natural to turn to us once again.

Experience and service elements for a greater impression

In order to meet the high expectations of Proximus, we adapted the existing shop concept ’Shop of the Future’, to create some remarkable elements to enhance the desired consumer brand experience in the store.

The aim was to create a greater impression of the store and make the consumer journey more engaging by creating a more interesting experience with better service elements. A central illuminated element integrated into the construction of the store also highlights the services that Proximus offer their customers.

The project resulted in two functional flagship stores that reflected the other Proximus stores, but with higher perceived quality , which aligns completely with the new, desired brand experience.

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