Business ethics

Through ITAB’s Code of Conduct (”CoC”), all employees are provided with explicit guidelines regarding various aspects, including business ethics.

In 2022, the CoC underwent a thorough review and revision, and an extensive training programme on the updated CoC and new whistleblowing directives was initiated for employees in 2023.

Code of Conduct

ITAB Group’s Code of Conduct establishes the essential principles on which all business in the Group should be conducted, built on trust, honesty, and transparency. According to the CoC, ITAB has a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of bribery and corruption.

Following an extensive training programme in the Group on the updated CoC and new whistleblowing directives in 2023, over 99 percent of all employees have signed the CoC to date. The goal remains to have 100 percent of all Group employees commit to the CoC by formally signing the document.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing Service at ITAB

A whistleblowing service is an important tool for reducing risks and fostering high business ethics, thereby maintaining customer and public confidence in our operations. To this end, ITAB has established a broad and public whistleblowing process in accordance with EU directives and national legislation and regulations. This process specifies the scope of acceptance and handling procedures. We encourage whistleblowers to use the dedicated service to report illegal and disciplinary violations. The process maintains strict confidentiality for any whistleblower. Whistleblowing directives and processes are part of the extensive training programme in ITAB Group.

In 2023, ITAB received and concluded one whistleblowing report.

Whistleblowing service

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ITAB maintains a zero-tolerance policy on fraud, consistently enhancing its anti-corruption measures. If any suspicions arise from routine investigations or reports, thorough probes are conducted, with criminal cases referred to local judicial authorities. Non-criminal cases are handled internally, with disciplinary actions tailored to the severity of the offence. In 2023, ITAB encountered no corruption lawsuits or violations, safeguarding stakeholders’ rights. All senior management participated in anti-bribery training in 2022, and we aim for full coverage in 2024.

Furthermore, ITAB mandates suppliers to endorse integrity commitments under the Supplier Code of Conduct, ensuring compliance with anti-corruption laws and prohibiting commercial bribery. By 2023, all managed suppliers had signed ITAB’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Audits of category managed suppliers

ITAB has pledged to conduct audits for 100 percent of all suppliers under category management by the end of 2025. In 2023, ITAB conducted onsite audits for 50 percent of the category-managed suppliers. The remaining suppliers are scheduled for audits in 2024.

Business ethics training in high-risk countries

ITAB has committed to training 100 percent of Group employees in high-risk countries. Currently, Argentina is the only country categorised as “high-risk” where the Group operates. As part of ITAB’s comprehensive training program, which includes the Group’s Code of Conduct, whistleblowing, and business ethics, all Group employees in Argentina have completed the training and signed the Code of Conduct.

Think Ahead, Think Consumer, Think Together are concepts that ITAB’s employees use in their day-to-day work, providing guidance toward common goals. These concepts are summarised in ACT!

By focusing on ACT, all employees are helping our customers to deliver a strong Consumer Brand Experience.

The meaning Think Ahead refers to ITAB’s long-term focus on business, people and the environment, such as thinking carefully first and developing smart, efficient working methods and sustainable solutions.
We are all consumers and we can help to understand the needs of other consumers, to see trends and thereby help our customers create an attractive shop environment. We call this Think Consumer.
Working closely together within the Group, as well as creating long-term relations with both customers and partners, are all contained within the concept Think Together.