Business ethics

  • Code of conduct
  • Compliance with laws and ordinances
  • Anti-corruption
  • Valuation platform

Through ITAB’s Code of Conduct, all employees have a clear set of regulations for areas such as business ethics. Some aspects of the Code of Conduct have been communicated to ITAB’s suppliers in the form of a Group-wide supplier policy. According to the Code of Conduct, ITAB has a zero tolerance policy regarding all forms of bribery and corruption. ITAB regularly reviews and evaluates internal checks in all subsidiaries, which provides reasonable assurance of an appropriate and effective operation, reliable financial reporting and compliance with laws and ordinances.

The managing director of each company within the ITAB Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with local regulations. The Group-wide Code of Conduct covers ITAB’s employees, and everyone must sign to confirm that they comply with the Code. The Code of Conduct focuses on aspects such as the importance of every employee, the fact that the Group offers a safe and healthy working environment and that it is working to reduce its environmental impact.


Think Ahead, Think Consumer, Think Together are concepts that ITAB’s employees use in their day-to-day work, providing guidance towards common goals. These concepts are summarised in ACT!

The meaning Think Ahead refers to ITAB’s long-term focus on business, people and the environment, such as thinking carefully first and developing smart, efficient working methods and sustainable solutions.

We are all consumers and we can help to understand the needs of other consumers, to see trends and thereby help our customers create an attractive shop environment. We call this Think Consumer.

Working closely together within the Group, as well as creating long-term relations with both customers and partners, are all contained within the concept Think Together.
By focusing on ACT, all employees are helping our customers to deliver a strong Consumer Brand Experience.