AI & Automation

When properly implemented, using automation and AI add speed and convenience to the consumer journey, while reducing retailer operating costs and providing key advantages.

AI adds speed and convenience to the consumer journey

The benefits of automation lie on both sides of the consumer/retailer relationship. Properly implemented, automation adds speed and convenience for the shopper, while reducing operational costs for our customer.

Analysis of transactions and the operating cost model tell ITAB where potential improvements might lie. Working with our technology partners, we can then pinpoint which automated AI systems offer best value in relation to influencing consumer buying behaviour, by creating perceived value for the consumer.


From consumer research to operational efficiencies

Working with the latest trend and customer data, we use quantitative and qualitative research methods to gain empathy with the consumer, building a detailed picture of the challenge we aim to solve. This data-driven understanding of the consumer journey and the customer’s desired aim informs the direction we take at the ideation phase. Ideas are refined and tested by prototyping, in consultation with focus groups on the customer and consumer side. We follow up with in-store testing, from which we are able to measure pre-and post-installation results, which are then reviewed with all key stakeholders.

Automating for more cost-efficient stock management

ITAB’s unique automated solutions have been developed to keep pace with the future needs of our customers in the pharmacy sector. Features such as automation of prescription management and self-service checkouts have helped to raise the level of service to consumers and achieve smoother, more cost-efficient stock management.