High Efficiency Belted Checkout Solutions – Efficient buying process

ITAB develops highly efficient solutions that help our customers to increase throughput without significantly changing the checkout zone. Thinking about efficiency, ergonomics, and consumer flows, we offer solutions that ensure a well-organized workspace for store staff, guaranteed better interaction with consumers, increased throughput and service quality. 

Convenient solutions for different store formats

 Everyone wants to spend as little time as possible on a daily routine such as grocery shopping. No One likes to spend time at the store in a queue to the payment zone. That's why we create highly efficient solutions with different configuration possibilities and high throughput that ensures high efficiency and service. 

Our checkouts are designed with the idea that the work of the cashier can be performed in an ergonomically well-organized area, making less stretching necessary for increasing work productivity.  

Extra features such as 3rd customer function maximize the throughput and reduce consumer queuing time in the stores. 

ITAB offers different high efficiency belted checkout systems for all store formats with many options and a wide range of accessories adapted for customers' demands.

Improved consumer experience

A combination of manned belted checkout solutions and self checkout solutions offers a time well saved, time well spent consumer experience. 

At ITAB, we work together with our customers. We continue to develop new models that are more efficient in use and have even more options. 

Working together and studying everyday consumer experiences, we make different adaptations to checkouts that provide more efficiency, service and give a possibility to meet clients’ needs and expectations. 

We build our solutions to be an extension of the store, and we develop them exclusively for our clients.  

Efficiency and service

We create conventional checkouts that can provide better customer service thanks to the store staff being more accessible and closer to the customers.  

Working as a cashier is physically demanding. Therefore, excellent ergonomics are the cornerstone of our development. ITAB checkout solutions are built to prevent unnecessary lifting and designed to avoid and minimize the cashier’s range of reach/stretch. 

ITAB’s proven 3rd customer function makes it possible to assist a third customer while the two previous customers are packing the goods that they have purchased. The speed of service increases by almost 30 %. By putting the goods one after another on the conveyor belt, scanning of items will be done faster and maximize service efficiency. 

Reduced operational cost

We create hybrid solutions where a belted checkout can be quickly turned into a self checkout (SCO), or some of our checkout models are developed for being positioned close to the SCO area so that the attendant could efficiently serve the customers in the self-checkout zone and manned checkout if needed. Since one attendant could manage the whole area, the numbers of existing cashiers can be reduced. 

Our High efficiency belted checkout solutions