Self Service Solutions

Improve consumer experience by supporting them through their journey with guided selling and real-time information. ITAB Self Service Solutions allows the consumer to freely browse products, check inventory and get current offers without waiting for available staff members.

Tailored self-service solutions for better consumer experience

Consumers expect convenience and to make their time well spent. Waiting to get support from a trained staff member can be frustrating as well as some consumer may not want to be engaged with staff but want to browse freely in the store.  

Our self-service solutions allow the consumer to browse desired products at their own pace. It can also enable a powerful guided selling tool that will guide the consumer to a specific product or product range.   

Self-service solutions also enable multi-language interaction with the consumer, to create an even better experience for browsing in the native language. We also provide a seamless experience for consumer mobile device.

Improved consumer experience

Together with a European store operator within the travel industry, we co-created a solution to enable consumers to easily find the products they are looking for. In this specific case at airports travellers could also scan their boarding pass to get up to date information about their flight and how long time they could spend shopping.   

Consumers could freely search for brands and articles or use the guided selling tool, which asks consumers a series of questions to narrow down the selection. Once a product was selected it could either locater it in the store by wayfinding or complete the purchase with their mobile and get it home delivered. 

Increase conversion and sales

Allowing consumers to browse products by themself, check inventory, and compare products result in higher conversion. Also being able to provide full or even extended product range gives better service to the consumer. Meaning if the item is out of stock in the store consumer can still order the product and collect it later or get home delivery. 

Reduce operational cost

Providing self-service solutions meaning greater flexibility for the consumer as well as a cost-saver for the retailer. Self-serve solutions will help the retailer to provide better service but with fewer staff members. Certain self-serve solutions can also support staff with extended product information and selling tools. 

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