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Sustainable business for the future

As an advocate for sustainable development, ITAB acknowledges the responsibility to ensure that its pursuit of profitability aligns with ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

This commitment extends across the entire value chain, encompassing manufacturers, suppliers, and ultimately, consumers. ITAB aims to integrate responsible practices at every stage to contribute positively to both the present and the future.

Sustainability is seamlessly woven into our business ethos, and ITAB aligns itself with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically embracing the Sustainable Development Goals (”SDGs”) designed to gauge the success of this agenda. Through a comprehensive analysis involving vision, strategy, stakeholders, and materiality assessment, ITAB has identified four primary focus areas crucial to the Group’s sustainability journey.

Focus Areas

The focus areas have been decided by the Group management and approved by the Board of Directors. Each of the areas is intricately linked to a key SDG and concurrently contributes to the advancement of other SDGs.

For more information on ITAB’s reporting and follow-up, stakeholder dialogue, sustainability risks, and EU Taxonomy and GRI-reporting, please refer to the In-depth information in our Sustainability report, on pages 87-97.

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Sustainability report

During the year we have continued to integrate sustainability issues in the Group’s companies through systematic sustainability work as a natural part of the business strategy. These activities are conducted primarily within the four areas of focus that the Group has identified, and following up is performed using the key performance indicators that have been drawn up. Please read more in our report.


Read our Sustainability Report 2023

Modern Slavery Policy

ITAB recognises the responsibility that our Group share with our suppliers to tackle the growing global issue of Modern Slavery. ITAB:s commitment to our customers is very clear, we promote a high level of ethical trading both within our business and supply chain; this includes championing better work and working lives.

We wholeheartedly believe that the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is a crucially important development in bettering the lives of our local and global communities and thus we will not trade or partner with any business or organisation which is involved in this shocking practice however remotely or indirectly. This closely parallels our Ethical Trading Policy whereby close compliance monitoring and continuous improvement help drive our business forward.

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our ITAB UK ltd slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year.


Modern Slavery Statement 2024