Automated Service enabled extended opening times

To increase the service level and enable extended opening times, this grocery store connected their award-winning app with smart gates.

Improved service with extended opening times

The big grocery chain Casino in France wanted to offer their consumers extended opening times. To avoid affecting the staff dedicated to consumer service, the focus was on improving the self-checkout area and automated loss prevention.

App and gate connection an enabler

After a presentation of Casino’s award-winning app, we realised a connection between purchases in the app and smart gates could be a helpful solution. It would control consumers in a seamless and fully automated way.

Automated purchase and efficient fraud control

Today, this solution is an appreciated tool at Casino: the consumers get colleague service where they need it and are served by more flexible opening hours. This has been made possible by automation and efficient fraud control. After the initial launch, this solution was introduced to many Casino stores in France.


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